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Teachers Day: From Ajay Devgan to Kangana Ranaut, celebs remember their teachers

Teachers Day: From Ajay Devgan to Kangana Ranaut, celebs remember their teachers

Today, Teachers’ Day is being celebrated all over the country. Bollywood celebs have remembered their teachers on this special occasion. Along with this, he has expressed his respect and gratitude to the teachers. Ajay Devgan, Sonu Sood, Shilpa Shetty, Manoj Bajpayee and other stars shared a special post on Teacher’s Day.

Ajay Devgan has shared the photo, in which he is seen handling the camera. He wrote in the caption, “On Teacher’s Day, I salute the camera.” I realized that every time I am behind this, I have learned something new. It is a continuous process. ”

Kangana has posted a photo of her childhood. He wrote, “This picture is Class 1 when Annual Day took place. I think we performed Pahari Natty and we were given gifts by the teachers. So many great teachers have directly or indirectly linked my life. ‘ My heartfelt gratitude to all. ”

Sonu Sood remembers her mother on Teacher’s Day. He shared the photo and wrote, “I am on your way shown mother. The floor is far away but will definitely be found. ”

Bipasha Basu wrote, Happy Teacher’s Day to the teachers. At the same time, Shilpa Shetty posted a picture of her teacher Radha in the caption, “How can you say thank you to the person who shaped you?” In fact, it is not right to express our gratitude to the teachers who played an important role in our lives. ”

Manoj Bajpayee wrote on Twitter, “I bow my head in front of all my teachers, who not only taught me to read words, numbers and books but also gave understanding to every human being and loving mother. Greetings to all of you. Happy Teacher’s Day. ”