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covid-19: Learn what can change during Unlock 4.0 from September 1

covid-19: Learn what can change during Unlock 4.0 from September 1

Unlock-4.0 will begin September 1 to open the economy after the Corona virus lockdown. This phase has come at a time when India’s covid-19 Tele has crossed the figure of 3.38 million and the number of deaths due to the disease has risen to 61,529. Officials said the Unlock 4 guidelines, which will be announced later this week, only contain activities that would be prohibited while the rest could resume.

Here’s what can happen during Unlock 4.0:

– The center is expected to allow the resumption of metro services, which had stopped in Delhi and NCR since 22 March. Contactless ticketing system can be implemented here and passengers will no longer be allowed to use tokens.

– Adhering to covid-19 standards, such as not wearing masks, sitting on a seat, means leaving an empty space to maintain social balance and spitting or littering on station premises can result in heavy fines.

– Schools and colleges will remain closed, while alcohol may be allowed at bar counters.

– Cinema halls will also be closed as it will not be possible to run shows with 25-30% capacity.

In Karnataka, the state government has said that the academic year of colleges for various degree courses will start from September 1 with online classes, while offline classes may start from October 1.

-Karnataka may allow opening of cinema halls for relief in hospitality area and sale of liquor in restaurants.

– In Unlock 4.0, domestic flights will be allowed to land in Kolkata from the covid-19 hotspot. CM Mamta Banerjee said that “We have received several requests from six covid-19 hotspot states to resume flight operations. From 1 September, flight services from these six states (Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Chennai and Ahmedabad) can resume three times a week ”.

While pubs and clubs in the state are expected to open next month, there will be a complete lockdown twice a week in West Bengal.

– Local trains in Mumbai will not resume at this stage. The Mumbai Police has also warned motorists that vehicles may be stopped if they cannot show a “valid reason” for exiting.

-Chennai has announced that e-pass will be mandatory for inter-state and inter-district movements. Restrictions on liquor shops and hotels can be relaxed in Unlock 4.0 in the city.