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Government focus on Ayodhya for next five years, facilities like good roads, airport and five star hotel

Government focus on Ayodhya for next five years, facilities like good roads, airport and five star hotel

What is needed to increase tourism? Good roads … Airport, basic amenities and hotels with best facilities. The government has started efforts for these. With the decision to build a temple in Ayodhya, the activities to build the airport here have intensified. The Purvanchal Express will also pass through Ayodhya, while the four lanes will also be made from Banaras to Ayodhya. The formation of Ayodhya Pilgrimage Development Council is also awaiting approval of the cabinet.

Ayodhya airport will start soon
Apart from this, the boundaries of the Ayodhya Development Authority are also being expanded so that the surrounding area can also be protected. All efforts were made only because Ayodhya became a major religious tourism. It is yet to take 7-8 years for the construction of Ayodhya Airport, but world class airports already exist in Lucknow and Banaras. Efforts are being made to make it easy to reach Ayodhya from here.

Ayodhya Ram temple construction: donations, solidarity, upliftment of Dalits and tribes, planning is something like this

Four lane in the final stage

Efforts are being made to build the 192-km Kashi-Ayodhya highway from Benares to Ayodhya within two years, while the four-lane from Lucknow to Benares is in the final stages. When tourists get down to Lucknow airport, go to Ayodhya or Banaras… be a flat and pit-paved road. Ayodhya can be reached from Lucknow by traveling for two to two and a half hours to Benares.

Increase in tourism facilities

In addition, the Teerth Development Council will develop ghats, temples and other basic facilities in Ayodhya. There are temples in every street, every house in Ayodhya. They will also be decorated. At the same time, the Authority will develop Ayodhya and the surrounding area within its limits, so the influx of big famous Girami Five Star Hotels will be here. Apart from this, tourism facilities will increase.

70 to 80 percent budget

Ayodhya has many plans including the biggest statue of Lord Rama, Queen Ho Memorial, Digital Museum, Interpretation Center, Ramlila Sankul, Ramkatha Gallery, Auditorium which is being run by the Department of Culture and Tourism. With the announcement of the construction of the temple, plans will now be run for the whole here. 70 to 80 percent of the budget of tourism schemes in the central and state sectors can be used to prepare Ayodhya for the next five years….