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US wants NATO-like alliance with India-Australia-Japan to respond to China:

US wants NATO-like alliance with India-Australia-Japan to respond to China:

The United States wants to formalize its close defense relations with countries in the Indo-Pacific region. With the aim of competing with China, India wants to form an alliance with Japan and Australia, just like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bezgan said this on Monday. He said that the aim of the US is to form groups with four countries and others in the region to work together to respond to the potential challenge from China.

Begun said this while speaking with former Ambassador of India Richard Verma in an online discussion organized by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.

Begun said, “The Indian Ocean region lacks really strong multilateral structures. They have nothing to do with the fate of NATO or the European Union. The strongest institutions in Asia are often not. I think the lack of inclusiveness Because of that. There is certainly a possibility of formalizing such a structure. ” He said, “Remember, even NATO started with relatively modest expectations and many countries (initially) chose neutrality over NATO membership.”

However, he warned that the US would pursue its ambitions for Pacific NATO. Claiming such an alliance, he said, “This will only happen when other countries are committed to it like the US.” The four countries are expected to meet in Delhi in the winter months.

India is clearly indicating its intention to invite Australia to participate in the Malabar Naval Exercise, which would be a tremendous step to ensure sea safety in the Indo-Pacific. Naval exercises have been conducted by the US and India since 1992, mostly in the Bay of Bengal. Japan has been participating in this exercise since 2015.

The report said that clashes between Chinese and Indian troops in the Galvan Valley in June made India more willing to withdraw to Australia for the Malabar naval exercise. Although Japan and the US have already been invited to participate in this year’s exercise, due to COVID-19, India has not yet given a formal invitation to Australia.