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India becomes the third country to have the most corona probe over Russia

India becomes the third country to have the most corona probe over Russia

India set a new record in the investigation of corona infections on Saturday. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) said that for the first time, 10.23 lakh people were tested in a day. Corona investigation of about 3.45 crore people has been done so far. With this, India has become the third country in the world to have the most tests. Now only China and America are ahead of India.

In the beginning of April, about four to five thousand tests were being done daily, but today about 250 times more people are being tested. To overcome the corona, the Ministry of Health conducted a record 10 million tests in just 14 days.

Capacity increased 100 times
India added tremendous potential. In April, only 10-12 labs had testing facility, today tests are being done in 1,511 laboratories. Of these, 983 are in the government sector and 528 are private. New laboratories are being added daily. Seven new laboratories are also allowed on Friday.

37 percent rapid antigen detection
The Ministry of Health stated that 10,23,836 samples were tested. Out of these, about 37 percent i.e. 3.8 lakh samples were tested by rapid antigen method. Looking at the data from the beginning till now, out of a total of 3.45 crore people, only 28% cases were investigated using rapid antigen method.

Where India stands compared to the world in investigation
China 9.04 million
America 7.47 Crore
India 3.45 crore
Russia 3.38 crore
UK 1.58 Crore
Source: Worldometer

Try not to hide infection
In many countries, including the US-UK, there have been allegations that the government is trying to hide the infection by reducing testing, but statistics show that India did not reduce the test even as the infection increased. Continuous testing capacity was increased. According to the WorldMeter, till April 15, only 15 people were tested per one lakh people in India, whereas today the figure is around 250 i.e. about 16 times more people were tested in four months.

Amazing test of UP-Bihar
UP has outpaced all states in the country in examining corona patients. Looking at the data received by the state health department, about 43 lakh people have been screened in Uttar Pradesh so far and more than 1.10 lakh people are being tested daily. So far 22.28 lakh trials have been conducted in Bihar. At the same time, only 3.5 million Tests have taken place in the most affected Maharashtra. Let’s know which are the states that do the most tests daily.

Bihar 1,12,422
Uttar Pradesh 1,10,290
Maharashtra 78,523
Tamil Nadu 74,344
Gujarat 72,947
Karnataka 57,623
Odisha 56,449
Andhra Pradesh 55,010
Source: Kovid 19 India (figures-21 August)