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Biden’s promise – If he becomes President of the US, he will get India a seat on the Security Council

Biden’s promise – If he becomes President of the US, he will get India a seat on the Security Council

The Biden administration will advocate India’s leading role in international institutions. Along with this, the United Nations will help India in becoming a member after reforming the Security Council. These were said by a top official of Biden’s campaign.

Joe Biden is the nominee for the Democratic Party in the US presidential election. The official has also promised to help India get a seat in the UN Security Council after its reform. Former diplomat and Biden’s top foreign policy adviser Tony Blinken said the Biden administration would adopt a policy of not tolerating terrorism in South Asia at all.

During the panel discussion on the Indian-American and US-India relationship in the Biden administration, Blinken said on Saturday that if Biden wins the election, he will help India get a seat on the Security Council and protect India and the US Will strengthen the relationship. He said in response to a question by Richard Verma, former US ambassador to India, that he believes Joe Biden will work as president and with close allies like India.

Play a leading role in the institutions of India
Blinken was questioned that the world was witnessing Chinese aggression on the Indo-Pacific region and the Indian border. As India faces threats of cross-border terrorism, how will the Biden administration in the US support India. He said that in the Obama administration we played an important role in establishing India as an important ally of the Indo-Pacific strategy. There is a need to extend this role beyond the region to the whole world. In the Biden administration we would advocate that India play a leading role in international institutions.

Terrorism is not tolerated at all
Blinken said that we will work together to strengthen India’s capabilities and as a partner against terrorism. The Biden administration will adopt a policy of not tolerating terrorism at all, including South Asia.

Will stand with India in dealing with threats: Biden
Joe Biden has said that if he wins the election, his administration will stand by him to deal with the threats facing India. Biden spoke of further strengthening relations between India and the United States. Addressing the Indian-American community on India’s Independence Day, Biden, who was the Vice President in the previous Obama administration, said that I was leading the effort to ratify the historic civil nuclear deal with India 15 years ago.

Will work on tackling global challenges
Work on increasing trade between the two countries and tackling major global challenges such as climate change and global health security. Biden said that if he is elected president, he will work to strengthen the democracies whose strength is their diversity. He said that on this occasion, let’s strengthen the relationship between our countries and people.