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India will also participate in 6th International Defense Industry Forum Army 2020 in Russia

India will also participate in 6th International Defense Industry Forum Army 2020 in Russia

Russia’s Ministry of Defense has organized the sixth International Defense Industry Forum Army 2020. Which will be held in Moscow on 29 August. Many big countries will participate in it. State-of-the-art weapons and military hardware will be introduced at the event. Delegations from at least 70 countries have confirmed their participation in the high-profile event to be held by 29 August. This year due to the restrictions imposed by the Corona virus, many countries will not be able to show their participation in it.
However several embassies including the Embassy of South Africa and the Embassy of the Philippines have already confirmed to Sputnik that they will send a defense attachment for the incident. Brazilian Deputy Defense Minister and Secretary of Defense Products Marcos Devgut and Arak Devitan, chairman of the Defense Industry Committee of the High-Tech Ministry, have confirmed the event. Meanwhile, Belarus, Brazil, India, Kazakhstan and Pakistan will showcase their nation at the event.

The event will feature more than 730 pieces of Russian weapons and equipment as well as 28,000 industrial enterprises for a free inspection. The inauguration ceremony and tour of official delegations are scheduled for Sunday, while the next three days will be opened to industry professionals only. The forum will be open for extensive visits from August 27-29.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin will participate in the inauguration ceremony and later in the exhibition of new weapons, military and special equipment. The Russian Ministry of Defense first announced that a unique exhibition would be held at the Forum to explore the development of Russian tanks. For the first time in history, a line of 23 tanks and armored vehicles will be stationed on the open area at Patriot Park. Meanwhile, for the first time in the history of the Forum a separate exhibition will also be dedicated to the Russian Navy.

It will include state-of-the-art replicas of warships, submarines, as well as new technical equipment for the fleet. In addition, a unique laser cutting device for diving for underwater technical and ship lifting operations will be demonstrated at the event.
The event will also discuss the application of 3D technologies in the design, manufacture and operation of weapons, military equipment among global military officers, researchers and defense industry experts. Meanwhile exposition will be presented in 14 Russian regions within the Army 2020 Forum, including the Republic of Buratiya and the districts named Chukotka Autonomous.