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Chinese President Xi Jinping angry after eating mouthful of Indian Army in Pangong, party not happy too

Chinese President Xi Jinping angry after eating mouthful of Indian Army in Pangong, party not happy too

President Xi Jinping’s action on the night of August 29-30 at the deadlocked site in the Pangong So area on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh has not gone down. Xi Jinping is reportedly said to be angry with the Indian Army’s action on the border. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is also not happy with the Indian Army’s action on the LAC.

Earlier, on June 15, Chinese President Xi Jinping had his 67th birthday. Even then, on the night of 15 June, the army of India and China clashed in the Galvan valley. The Chinese army suffered heavy losses in this, although China never accepted it and no figures were revealed. The impact of the loss to the Chinese army on the occasion of birthday was clearly seen on Jinping’s face.

Indeed, on the night of 29–30 August, Chinese troops tried to re-enter the standoff site in Pangong So area in eastern Ladakh, but were repulsed by the already prepared Indian jawans. Regarding the Pangons So area, the Indian Army said China’s PLA’s “provocative” military operation to change the status quo on the intervening night of August 29 and 30 was thwarted.

Army spokesman Colonel Aman Anand had said that China’s ‘People’s Liberation Army’ violated the previous consensus reached through military and diplomatic talks on the East Ladakh deadlock and launched a provocative military campaign to change the status quo.

Some media reports have alleged that the People’s Liberation Army commander retreated to avoid physical conflict in Spangur. Because of which the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party is angry. However, the media said that there is no concrete evidence yet. Even the action taken by the Indian Army on the Chinese social media platform about the ongoing tension on the border seems angry.

At the same time, China has refused to give any information about the abduction of 5 Indian citizens by the PLA. The Chinese Foreign Ministry once again denied Arunachal Pradesh as its own without refuting these allegations. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry said that it is part of China’s South Tibet.

Prime Minister Hasina paid tribute to Pranab Mukherjee in Bangladesh parliament

Prime Minister Hasina paid tribute to Pranab Mukherjee in Bangladesh parliament

Bangladesh’s parliament on Sunday passed a resolution condoling the demise of former President of India Pranab Mukherjee and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina paid tribute to Mukherjee, saying he was a true friend of Bangladesh.

Hasina said in Parliament, “He was a true friend of Bangladesh since the 1971 liberation war”. The Parliament passed a motion of condolence on the demise of Mukherjee and several distinguished citizens of Bangladesh. Mukherjee died in New Delhi on Monday. He was hospitalized for 21 days.

The Bangladesh government announced on Tuesday that it will be offering a day of state mourning over the demise of the country’s ‘true friend’.

Hasina recalled Mukherjee’s personal support to himself and his family during the exile in Bangladesh after the August 15, 1975 coup in Bangladesh.

Donald Trump praised PM Modi again, know everything from virus to China-India border dispute

Donald Trump praised PM Modi again, know everything from virus to China-India border dispute

US President Donald Trump is campaigning vigorously to win again. In an effort to woo the Indian-American community, on Friday (local time), Donald Trump once again referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and described him as his good friend and great leader. Not only this, he also offered to help in the border dispute between India and China.

Speaking to reporters, Donald Trump said, ‘Prime Minister Modi is my friend and he is doing a great job. It is not easy, but he is doing a great job. Trump told the Indian community, “You’ve got a great leader and you’ve got a great person.”

Regarding her two-day trip to India with First Lady Melania Trump in February this year, she said, ‘We had an incredible time and we saw how incredible people are. India is an incredible country and certainly big.

He also praised PM Modi while speaking about the Howdy Modi program in Houston. He said that Howdy Modi was a brilliant program. He (Modi) could not be more generous than this. We have the support of Indians and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I think people of Indian origin will vote for Trump.

Help offered on India-China relationship
On the tension between India and China, Trump said that there is a very bad situation now. We are ready to help China and India to reduce tension. If we can do anything, we would like to join it and would like to help both countries. We are talking to both countries about this.

Attack on China due to virus
Trump attacked China and said that China should be discussed more than Russia at this time, because the work he is doing is far worse. He said that a virus has caused havoc in 188 countries around the world. The world has seen it.

Canada rejects pro-Khalistan group’s claim to disrupt separatist referendum by India

Canada rejects pro-Khalistan group’s claim to disrupt separatist referendum by India

Canadian law enforcement denied the claims made by the Sikh for Justice or SFJ, a pro-Khalistan separatist group. It said armed men attempted to disrupt a voter registration campaign related to their separatist program called the Punjab Referendum 2020. On 15 August, when local SFJ activists proceeded to conduct the drive near the Indian consulate in Toronto While growing up, eight people were arrested on the complaint of an unknown “concerned citizen”, and five were charged with firearms related offenses after having a loaded handgun.

The SFJ had alleged that the vehicle was carrying an Indian tricolor and their drive was intended to sabotage, and was also reported in local media. However, the Peel Regional Police has denied the incident to be a political angle. Asked if it had anything to do with the proposed program of the pro-Khalistan group and the allegations leveled by the SFJ, a PRP spokesperson said that he was “not informed about being an Indian agent.”

Another PRP spokesperson said in another reply to the Indo-Canadian Voice, “There have been comments by local media outlets referring to threats of a political nature, our investigation did not find that.”

Corona hit: US budget deficit estimated to reach record $ 3,300 billion

Corona hit: US budget deficit estimated to reach record $ 3,300 billion

The budget deficit of the US government is estimated to reach a record $ 3,300 billion. The budget deficit is expected to hit a record high, given the ongoing spending to tackle Kovid-19 and stimulus measures of more than $ 2,000 billion to boost the economy. The Congress Budget Office has made this estimate. The deficit increase means that federal debt will surpass GDP annually next year. This situation will be exactly the same as it was after the second world war. At that time the cumulative debt exceeded the size of the economy.

More than three times the 2019 deficit

The $ 3,300 billion estimate released on Wednesday is more than three times the 2019 deficit. At the same time, the rate of softening in 2008-09 is twice. On one hand, while the government’s expenses are increasing, on the other hand the tax revenue has come down due to the recession. Personal income tax collections are down 11 percent over the previous year, while company tax collections are running 34 percent less.

Corona hit on economy and employment of people

The economy was shut down for the prevention of corona virus. This had an impact on the economy and employment of the people. Direct relief and incentive measures of $ 1,200 were announced to relieve those who lost their jobs. This brought relief to the economy in the short run.

MPs are getting confused about the size of relief package

Given the increasing spending, lawmakers and the White House are mulling over the size of the fifth virus relief package. Republican lawmakers have begun to worry about rising costs to deal with the epidemic, while the Democratic-controlled House passed a $ 3,500 billion package in May. However, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has expressed a desire to reduce this to $ 2,200 billion.

China stunned on India’s digital strike, said – there is no benefit from stopping our app

China stunned on India’s digital strike, said – there is no benefit from stopping our app

China has called the ban on its app a violation of WTO rules. China said on Thursday that banning its app would neither benefit Indian users nor Chinese businessmen. Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said that the Indian side has misused the national security aspect and discriminated against Chinese companies in a discriminatory manner. China requests that India rectify its wrong procedure.

Feng said that economic and commercial cooperation is in the interest of both countries. India should create an open business environment for foreign investors and service providers. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that the interests of the Indian user will suffer the most. Hua quoted the US State Department as saying that he has asked other countries to take steps like India to clean and secure their network. But at the same time, she does not know whether there is a relationship between it or between India and America, there has been contact about it. India itself has to understand that the US working on cyber security is clean. He hoped that this would not harm the long-term interests between the two countries.

The central government has taken another important decision on Wednesday amid the long-running tension between the India-China border. The government has banned 118 mobile apps, including the worldwide popular gaming app PUBG, making a third ‘digital strike’ on China. Even before this, the government has made the app of many Chinese companies. The Ministry of Information and Technology has termed the banned apps as harmful to the security, sovereignty, unity of the country.

Giving information about the banning of apps, the IT Ministry said, ‘Ministry of Information and Technology, Government of India has implemented this decision under Section 69-A of the Information Technology Act. All these 118 mobile apps were creating various types of threats, due to which they have been blocked. ‘ The Ministry further said that in view of the available information, these apps are engaged in such activities, which are detrimental to India’s sovereignty and integrity, security.

The 118 mobile apps the government has banned include APUS Launcher Pro Theme, APUS Security-Antivirus, APUS Turbo Cleaner 2020, Shaomi’s Share Save, FaceU, Cut Cut, Baidu, CamCard. Apart from this, apps like WeChat Reading, Pitu, In Note, Small Q Brush, Cyber ​​Hunter, Life After are also included.