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Rajnath Singh leaves for Russia amid tensions with Dragon, no possibility of bilateral talks with Chinese Defense Minister

Rajnath Singh leaves for Russia amid tensions with Dragon, no possibility of bilateral talks with Chinese Defense Minister


Defense Minister Rajnath Singh left for Russia on Wednesday to attend an important meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) amid ongoing tensions in China and India. Sources in the news agency have told that there is no meeting with the Defense Minister of China in the schedule of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh.

The regional security scenario is expected to be discussed in this meeting. The SCO Defense Ministers are meeting at a time when there is a border deadlock in East Ladakh between its two member countries – India and China.

China’s Defense Minister General Wei Fenghe is expected to attend the SCO meeting. Asked about the possibility of a bilateral meeting between Singh and Wei, apart from the SCO meeting, sources said that there is no such plan. For more than three and a half months, there has been a deadlock in several areas along the Line of Actual Control in eastern Ladakh between the troops of India and China.

Officials said that in addition to attending the SCO Defense Ministers meeting, Singh will hold talks with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu and several other top military officials, aiming to expedite the implementation of several defense procurement programs. Singh will leave for India in the evening of September 5. This will be Singh’s second visit to Moscow after June.

He represented India in the Victory Day Parade in Moscow on 24 June. Russia has also invited Foreign Minister S Jaishankar to attend the SCO Foreign Ministers meeting on 10 September.

Waiting for leaders hoping for change in BJP organization and government, know why

Waiting for leaders hoping for change in BJP organization and government, know why

BJP leaders hoping for a change in the BJP-led NDA government and party organization at the Center may have to wait a long time. There is no possibility of any change before the Parliament session. The leaders are not seeing any auspicious time due to the patriarchy starting on Wednesday. The biggest disappointment is about the organization.

The monsoon session of Parliament starts on 14 September. Before this, there is no change in the government either. Waiting for the new team of BJP organization is also increasing. Party President J.P. It has been more than six months since Nadda took charge, but the new team has not been announced yet. There were discussions in the party that there would be simultaneous changes in the government and the organization and some leaders may find a place in the government and some in the organization. Now the announcement of the organization’s team is also expected to go ahead.

Actually Pitrupaksha is not considered auspicious. There is no new decision at that time. In the past, the decisions made by the BJP during the patriarchy were reversed. No leader wants to take new responsibility at this time. After Pitrupaksha there is more Maas (Malamas), which is not considered auspicious for new workings.

In such a situation, the wait of the leaders hoping for new responsibility and new post may be long. Anyway, after the Parliament session, preparations will start for the Bihar assembly elections and most of the party leaders will get involved in it. In such a situation, there is no possibility of any big announcement.

If the war comes,e China may have to pay a heavy pric, India can get support from powerful countries like America

If the war comes,e China may have to pay a heavy pric, India can get support from powerful countries like America

The situation between India and China on the Line of Actual Control is not normal. Tensions between the soldiers of the two countries have increased considerably in the past few years. There are also reports of clash. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech from Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day, has already sent a message to China that his policy of expansionism is no longer going on.

Not only this, China has made powerful countries like America as well as enemies of India. The stalemate between the two countries can be clearly seen in the South China Sea. In such a situation, if China tries to go to war with India, it may have to pay a heavy price.

The policy of expansionism made China the enemy of many countries
China has become an enemy of countries like America, Britain, France, Australia or Japan due to its expansionary policy. In such a situation, if war breaks out, there is a possibility that India can get the support of these countries. India’s recent relations with these countries have been strengthened by PM Modi’s new foreign policy.

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Things have changed since 1962, India has moved forward
The Chinese military and its ruling leaders often refer to the 1962 war, but now the neighboring country has to understand that the situation has changed to a great extent. India has spent heavily on its defense budget. If Rafael has signed a deal with France, then a large number of modern weapons have been purchased from Israel. The Indian Army has gained a lot of strength from such defense agreements. This is the reason why in 2017, the Chinese army had to withdraw its footsteps in Doklam. Not only this, Indian soldiers killed more than 40 Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley. However, 20 soldiers of India were also killed in this clash.

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Indian Army repulsed PLA off southern Pangong coast
The Indian Army has completely liberated the southern areas of Pangong Lake from the Chinese Army, with the LAC in eastern Ladakh foiling the Chinese infiltration attempt on 29 August. Along with this, deployment has been increased in the Pangong Lake area. According to army sources, the southern end is now completely under the control of the Indian Army. According to army sources, the southern part covers the area of ​​Finger Five and its vicinity, where the Chinese army was present at some places. Finger 5 also had Chinese troops stationed at high altitudes. But after the latest skirmish, the Indian Army has not only prevented him from moving forward but has pushed him further back.

‘US wants alliance with India-Australia-Japan like NATO’
The United States wants to formalize its close defense relations with countries in the Indo-Pacific region. With the aim of competing with China, India wants to form an alliance with Japan and Australia, just like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bezgan said this on Monday.

After knowing the news of becoming a father, there is something like Virat Kohli’s reaction

After knowing the news of becoming a father, there is something like Virat Kohli’s reaction

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma are going to be parents. Recently, the couple told the fans through social media that a new guest is coming to their house in January 2021 and that they are going to be two to three. After sharing this information with the fans, Virat Kohli has given his reaction about this feeling of becoming a father. Virat told this feeling in RCB’s YouTube show ‘Bold Diaries’.

During this, Virat Kohli also shared talks about lockdown, spending time with Anushka, IPL, corona virus and bio bubble. With all this, when you were asked that new guests are coming to your house in January, how do you feel?

Responding to this question, Virat Kohli said that since he came to know about this, there is no place for his happiness. He said, “It is an incredible feeling. It is difficult to express in words how we are feeling. ”

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) celebrated the arrival of new guests at the house of Virat Kohli and engagement of Yuzvendra Chahal in Dubai. Anushka Sharma is also in the UAE with Virat Kohli. Both of them celebrated this joy by cutting the cake with the team. RCB celebrated the celebrations after a 7-day quarantine and Kovid-19 test in Dubai. The video was also shared by the team’s official Twitter handle.
Earlier, Virat Kohli had informed fans about becoming his father by tweeting on 27 August. He wrote- And now… we are going to be three. Arrival in 2021.
Explain that about returning to the game after five months, Virat Kohli said that it did not take long for him to get the rhythm. He said, “Until two months ago you could not think that we will play in the IPL. When we had our practice session, I realized how much time has passed. It was a little nervous when I was going for a practice session. ”

Sonu Sood came forward to help Kashi’s sailor families, said – no one will sleep hungry

Sonu Sood came forward to help Kashi’s sailor families, said – no one will sleep hungry

Sonu Sood, who led hundreds of people to his home in lockdown, has come forward this time to help the sailor families of Kashi. The sailors of Varanasi have been troubled since the sudden lockdown in March. Unlock started but lack of tourists did not lead to earning opportunity. People coming from Varanasi or nearby districts became the support of the sailors. Meanwhile, due to floods in the Ganges, the district administration once again stopped the operation till September 15. Since then, the livelihood of the sailors was severely affected

In view of the problem of sailors in Kashi, social worker Divyanshu Upadhyay informed Sonu Sood on social media about these sailors of Kashi. Divyanshu wrote that families running 350 kayakis in 84 ghats of Varanasi are craving for rash today. You are the last hope of these 350 sailor families. Due to floods in the Ganges, their difficulties have increased! For 15 to 20 days, their children did not have to sleep hungry in Kashi.

Actor Sonu Sood, taking cognizance of Divyanshu’s post, replied within an hour that he now has the responsibility of the family of sailors. He wrote while sharing the post that no member of this 350 families of the Ghats of Varanasi will sleep hungry after today. Today help will arrive.

Sonu Sood has earlier taken many people from Varanasi to safe house from Mumbai. Not only this, many students of Purvanchal stranded abroad have also been taken to their home safe by plane during the corona transition period. Sonu has given life to the sailors in Kashi, promising to help in a single day.

Sonu has not taken care of the people of Kashi for the first time. Even before this, he has helped the needy of Kashi. Ten days ago, he sent three hundred packets of ration to the needy of Kashi. This ration was distributed among the potters as well as Banjara and other needy living on the road. It was also distributed by Divyashu’s team. Divyashu tweeted the pictures of the people who were not happy after getting ration. That tweet has also been retweeted by Sonu Sood on Tuesday.

Sushant Singh Rajput death case: CBI is questioning parents after Riya Chakraborty

Sushant Singh Rajput death case: CBI is questioning parents after Riya Chakraborty

CBI is questioning his parents after Riya in the case of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. Actress Riya Chakraborty’s parents reached the DRDO guest house on Tuesday on the call of CBI. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is questioning Riya’s parents for the first time in the case.

The official said Riya’s father Indrajit Chakraborty and mother Sandhya Chakraborty reached the DRDO guest house in suburban Kalina at around 11 am. His car was accompanied by a police vehicle. The CBI investigation team is staying in this guest house. He said that the FIR lodged by the actor’s father in Patna also included Riya and her parents’ names.

Riya and her brother Shouvik Chakraborty, however, were not called for questioning on Tuesday. Riya has been questioned for about 35 hours in the last four days and her brother is also being questioned for the last five days. Rajput was found dead in his apartment in Bandra on 14 June and the Mumbai Police had registered a case of accidental death.

The late actor’s father later lodged a police complaint in Patna, accusing Riya Chakraborty and his family of abetting Rajput to suicide and embezzling his money. The Supreme Court last week upheld the decision to transfer the FIR lodged by Rajput’s father against the actress and others in Patna to the CBI.