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Resident of Uttarakhand and climate change activist Riddhima Pandey (12) has sent a two-page handwritten letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In it she recounts her worst nightmare, in which she is going to school with an oxygen cylinder. Riddhima has requested PM Modi to ensure that oxygen cylinders do not become an essential part of children’s lives. Which we have to carry everywhere on our shoulders in the near future.

Ridhima said that she was compelled to write the letter, because she felt that due to corono virus disease we could see that if human activities are restricted then the level of pollution around us can be reduced, making the sky look clear and blue. Can.

The 12-year-old climate change activist said, “We first saw that the United Nations declared the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies on Monday (7 September). Its purpose is to create awareness among the public at all levels. They have to tell that clean air is important for health and environment. So I chose this day. I hope that PM Modi will receive my letter and he will reply. I have sent a letter to the PM through post.

The letter reads, “My name is Ridhima Pandey. I am 12 years old. I live in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. I hope you will read this letter and reply. Once in school, our teacher asked us about our nightmares. I told them that my nightmare was to come to school with an oxygen cylinder, because the air has become very polluted. This nightmare is still my biggest worry. ”In the letter, Ridhima cited the level of dangerous air pollution in many densely populated cities.

She further writes, “I am concerned that if nothing is done about this problem soon, we will have to carry oxygen cylinders to breathe clean air and survive in the coming years. Please r Help us by ensuring that oxygen cylinders do not become an essential part of children’s lives. Which we will have to bear everywhere on our shoulders in the near future. ”

Amid the epidemic, Riddhima said, she has come to know of several research studies suggesting a connection between air pollution and corona-related incidents and mortality. This is disturbing. The air gets very polluted every year in many parts of India. After October it becomes very difficult to breathe. I am worried that if a 12-year-old child like me has trouble breathing, what would it be like for a child or children younger than me in Delhi or other cities. ”

In the letter written to the PM, Ridhima said, “Before the nationwide lockdown, we thought that we would never breathe clean air, the sanctions proved us wrong.” The air cleared and the sky turned blue. It has been proved that it is possible for Indians to breathe clean air. ” She said that the PM has accepted climate change as a reality.

In the letter, Ridhima writes, “I want to make a request to you on behalf of all the children of India. Please think about our future. Please give strict instructions to all officers and officials for the management of pollution across the country. ‘

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