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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday congratulated the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) for successful flight testing of the indigenously developed Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) and said that very few countries have such capability.

Modi tweeted, ‘Congratulations to DRDO for the successful flight of the hypersonic technology demonstration vehicle today. The scramjet engine developed by our scientists has enabled flight to deliver speeds up to six times the speed of sound. Very few countries today have this kind of capability. ‘

India today conducted HSTDV successful experimental flight test. With this, India has joined a select group of countries that have the capability to develop the next generation of hypersonic cruise missiles. HSTDV based on hypersonic propulsion technology has been developed by DRDO which will help India in developing future equipment such as long-range cruise missiles and air defense systems.

According to officials, HSTDV is capable of delivering missiles at a speed of about 6 Mach or six times the speed of sound. Few countries like America, Russia and China have this technology.

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