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Kangana Ranaut is coming to Mumbai on 9 September. He himself gave this information through social media. But now the news is coming that if Kangana is coming to Mumbai for more than 7 days, then she will have to stay on quarantine. According to media reports, the BMC has said that if Kangana stays in Mumbai for more than 7 days, she will be quarantined.

On the other hand, if she shows her return ticket before 7 days, then she will not have to quarantine.

BMC raid on Mumbai office

Let us know that on Monday, BMC has raided the office of Kangana’s production company. Kangana herself informed about this. Kangana shared a video of her office and wrote, ‘This is the office of Manikarnika Films in Mumbai, which I have worked hard for fifteen years, I had a dream in my life whenever I become a filmmaker, I have my own office. , But it seems time has come to break this dream, today BMC people suddenly came there.

Kangana further wrote, ‘I have all the papers and permission of BMC as well. I have not done anything illegal in my property. BMC should send a structure plan with notice to show where illegal construction has taken place. But today he killed Red at my office without any notice and tomorrow he will destroy everything.

Kangana Ranaut gets Y-class security

At the same time, Kangana has been given Y-class security by the Central Government, between Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut. Just before his arrival in Mumbai on 9 September, the Central Government has put Kangna on Y category security.

A Home Ministry official said that the Ministry of Home Affairs has decided to provide Y-Plus category security to Ranaut through paramilitary forces. The official said that around 10 armed commanders are deployed under Y-Plus category security.

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