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Sushant Singh Rajput and Sara Ali Khan’s relationship was widely discussed. It is said that the two were dating each other during the shooting of the film Kedarnath. Now Sushant’s farmhouse care taker Rais has claimed that Sushant was going to propose to Sara. He also mentioned that Sara often used to stay at Sushant’s farmhouse.

Raees told during an interview, “Sara Madam with Sushant sir started coming to the farmhouse from 2018. Whenever he came, he stayed for 3-4 days in the farmhouse. After returning from Thailand Trip on December 2018, Sushant Sir and Sara Madam came directly from the airport to the farmhouse. They arrived at around 10–11 in the night. He also had a friend with him.

“Sarah Mam was very good-natured. She never behaved like an actress. She was very simple. She used to call aunt aunt like Sushant sir in the farmhouse. And she used to call me Rais Bhai. She was very respectful to the staff at the farmhouse. Rais has claimed that Sushant was planning to propose Sara. However, he does not know whether it was a proposal of marriage or not. ”

Raees added, “Sushant was planning to propose Sara during the Daman Trip.” Apart from this, he also wanted to give a gift to Sara and he also ordered something for it, but the trip was canceled. After this the Kerala Trip was planned, but they could not go there either. In February or March 2019, I came to know that both of them broke up. Sara Mam never came to the farmhouse after January 2019.

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