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India has always been in favor of peace and instead of going to war against any country, this country has given priority to find a solution through peace talks. Relations between China and India have deteriorated over the past several months over the border dispute and the escalation between troops of the two countries in eastern Ladakh continues. But even in the meantime, the soldiers of the Indian Army did not forget peace, harmony and humanity, and were seen showing the picture of humanity even after bad relations with China. Even after the ongoing deadlock at the border, the Indian Army personnel did not back down from helping the civilians engulfed in North Sikkim by observing the disaster and pursuing human religion.

In fact, three Chinese citizens lost their way at an altitude of about 17,500 feet in the plateau region of North Sikkim. Amid the shivering cold and the agony of wandering from the path, the Indian soldiers not only helped him, but also safely brought him out of the disaster. These three Chinese citizens also included women.

According to the news agency, the army said that on September 3, these three Chinese civilians had lost their way at an altitude of 17,500 feet in the plateau areas of North Sikkim. Seeing their problems, the soldiers of the Indian Army provided medical aid, oxygen, food and warm clothes to save them. Not only this, the army showed them the proper way to guide them and guide them.

This help of the Indian Army is also important because even though they are at loggerheads with the Chinese Army on the border, it is their ultimate duty to follow human religion. Recall that there was a violent clash between the soldiers of China and India on June 15, in which 20 soldiers including a colonel of India were killed. A large number of Chinese soldiers were also killed, although China never officially announced it.

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