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US President Donald Trump is campaigning vigorously to win again. In an effort to woo the Indian-American community, on Friday (local time), Donald Trump once again referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and described him as his good friend and great leader. Not only this, he also offered to help in the border dispute between India and China.

Speaking to reporters, Donald Trump said, ‘Prime Minister Modi is my friend and he is doing a great job. It is not easy, but he is doing a great job. Trump told the Indian community, “You’ve got a great leader and you’ve got a great person.”

Regarding her two-day trip to India with First Lady Melania Trump in February this year, she said, ‘We had an incredible time and we saw how incredible people are. India is an incredible country and certainly big.

He also praised PM Modi while speaking about the Howdy Modi program in Houston. He said that Howdy Modi was a brilliant program. He (Modi) could not be more generous than this. We have the support of Indians and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. I think people of Indian origin will vote for Trump.

Help offered on India-China relationship
On the tension between India and China, Trump said that there is a very bad situation now. We are ready to help China and India to reduce tension. If we can do anything, we would like to join it and would like to help both countries. We are talking to both countries about this.

Attack on China due to virus
Trump attacked China and said that China should be discussed more than Russia at this time, because the work he is doing is far worse. He said that a virus has caused havoc in 188 countries around the world. The world has seen it.

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