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The vaccine practice is also strong amidst the havoc of the Corona virus worldwide. A trial of the Kovid-19 vaccine, developed in partnership with American multinational Johnson & Johnson, found that it produced antibodies that could protect mice from corona virus infection. This has been revealed in a study. According to this study published in the journal Nature Medicine, the vaccine enhanced strong immune system in Syrian golden mice and protected them from many diseases and deaths such as pneumonia.

The vaccine, developed by Johnson & Johnson and Birth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), uses the common cold cold virus’ adenovirus serotype 26 (AD26). Tell that before this many vaccines have proved successful in monkeys.

Dan Baruch, director of the BIDMC Center for Virology and Vaccine Research, said, ‘We recently saw that the AD-26 based SARS-COV-2 vaccine developed a robust safety system inside monkeys and is now being tested on humans . However monkeys do not normally have more serious diseases and therefore it was necessary to study whether this vaccine could protect mice from severe pneumonia and death from SARS-COV-2. ‘

Let us know that three companies are leading in the race to manufacture Corona virus vaccine in America. Three drug manufacturers are in Phase III trials of their vaccine, with thousands of volunteers being tried. The first company is AstraZeneca, which is developing vaccines in partnership with Oxford University in England, the second is Moderna, which is developing the vaccine with the American National Institutes of Health, and the third is a Phaser or Biotech Alliance.

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