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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while inviting investors from the world said that India is the best place for investment in the world today. He said that the kind of trust that companies want for investment and compatibility in policies is available in India.

Modi, while addressing the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum through video conferencing, mentioned the steps taken by his government towards reforms and opportunities in various sectors including coal, mining, railways. He stressed that India is a strong democratic and diverse country and far-reaching reforms have been made in recent months.

The five-day conference of the forum began on 31 August. Its theme is’ New challenges facing America-India. The Prime Minister said that India is the most favorable country for investment. He said that the epidemic has shown the world that the decision to develop a global supply chain should not be taken just on the basis of cost. They should also be based on trust. Companies are now considering the credibility and policy stability as well as the geographical area strength.

He said that India is a place where all these characteristics are there. “In view of these, India is emerging as one of the most favorable destinations for foreign investment,” he said. Be it America or Gulf countries, whether Europe or Australia – the world believes in us. This year we have received foreign investment inflow of $ 20 billion.

He said that FDI in India has increased by 20 percent in 2019, also when global FDI has fallen by one percent and it shows the success of our FDI system. The Prime Minister said that his government has made far-reaching reforms to ease business and reduce red tape. He said that the road ahead is full of opportunities for us.

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