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China has called the ban on its app a violation of WTO rules. China said on Thursday that banning its app would neither benefit Indian users nor Chinese businessmen. Chinese Ministry of Commerce spokesman Gao Feng said that the Indian side has misused the national security aspect and discriminated against Chinese companies in a discriminatory manner. China requests that India rectify its wrong procedure.

Feng said that economic and commercial cooperation is in the interest of both countries. India should create an open business environment for foreign investors and service providers. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said that the interests of the Indian user will suffer the most. Hua quoted the US State Department as saying that he has asked other countries to take steps like India to clean and secure their network. But at the same time, she does not know whether there is a relationship between it or between India and America, there has been contact about it. India itself has to understand that the US working on cyber security is clean. He hoped that this would not harm the long-term interests between the two countries.

The central government has taken another important decision on Wednesday amid the long-running tension between the India-China border. The government has banned 118 mobile apps, including the worldwide popular gaming app PUBG, making a third ‘digital strike’ on China. Even before this, the government has made the app of many Chinese companies. The Ministry of Information and Technology has termed the banned apps as harmful to the security, sovereignty, unity of the country.

Giving information about the banning of apps, the IT Ministry said, ‘Ministry of Information and Technology, Government of India has implemented this decision under Section 69-A of the Information Technology Act. All these 118 mobile apps were creating various types of threats, due to which they have been blocked. ‘ The Ministry further said that in view of the available information, these apps are engaged in such activities, which are detrimental to India’s sovereignty and integrity, security.

The 118 mobile apps the government has banned include APUS Launcher Pro Theme, APUS Security-Antivirus, APUS Turbo Cleaner 2020, Shaomi’s Share Save, FaceU, Cut Cut, Baidu, CamCard. Apart from this, apps like WeChat Reading, Pitu, In Note, Small Q Brush, Cyber ​​Hunter, Life After are also included.

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