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BJP leaders hoping for a change in the BJP-led NDA government and party organization at the Center may have to wait a long time. There is no possibility of any change before the Parliament session. The leaders are not seeing any auspicious time due to the patriarchy starting on Wednesday. The biggest disappointment is about the organization.

The monsoon session of Parliament starts on 14 September. Before this, there is no change in the government either. Waiting for the new team of BJP organization is also increasing. Party President J.P. It has been more than six months since Nadda took charge, but the new team has not been announced yet. There were discussions in the party that there would be simultaneous changes in the government and the organization and some leaders may find a place in the government and some in the organization. Now the announcement of the organization’s team is also expected to go ahead.

Actually Pitrupaksha is not considered auspicious. There is no new decision at that time. In the past, the decisions made by the BJP during the patriarchy were reversed. No leader wants to take new responsibility at this time. After Pitrupaksha there is more Maas (Malamas), which is not considered auspicious for new workings.

In such a situation, the wait of the leaders hoping for new responsibility and new post may be long. Anyway, after the Parliament session, preparations will start for the Bihar assembly elections and most of the party leaders will get involved in it. In such a situation, there is no possibility of any big announcement.

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