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The situation between India and China on the Line of Actual Control is not normal. Tensions between the soldiers of the two countries have increased considerably in the past few years. There are also reports of clash. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech from Red Fort on the occasion of Independence Day, has already sent a message to China that his policy of expansionism is no longer going on.

Not only this, China has made powerful countries like America as well as enemies of India. The stalemate between the two countries can be clearly seen in the South China Sea. In such a situation, if China tries to go to war with India, it may have to pay a heavy price.

The policy of expansionism made China the enemy of many countries
China has become an enemy of countries like America, Britain, France, Australia or Japan due to its expansionary policy. In such a situation, if war breaks out, there is a possibility that India can get the support of these countries. India’s recent relations with these countries have been strengthened by PM Modi’s new foreign policy.

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Things have changed since 1962, India has moved forward
The Chinese military and its ruling leaders often refer to the 1962 war, but now the neighboring country has to understand that the situation has changed to a great extent. India has spent heavily on its defense budget. If Rafael has signed a deal with France, then a large number of modern weapons have been purchased from Israel. The Indian Army has gained a lot of strength from such defense agreements. This is the reason why in 2017, the Chinese army had to withdraw its footsteps in Doklam. Not only this, Indian soldiers killed more than 40 Chinese soldiers in the Galvan Valley. However, 20 soldiers of India were also killed in this clash.

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Indian Army repulsed PLA off southern Pangong coast
The Indian Army has completely liberated the southern areas of Pangong Lake from the Chinese Army, with the LAC in eastern Ladakh foiling the Chinese infiltration attempt on 29 August. Along with this, deployment has been increased in the Pangong Lake area. According to army sources, the southern end is now completely under the control of the Indian Army. According to army sources, the southern part covers the area of ​​Finger Five and its vicinity, where the Chinese army was present at some places. Finger 5 also had Chinese troops stationed at high altitudes. But after the latest skirmish, the Indian Army has not only prevented him from moving forward but has pushed him further back.

‘US wants alliance with India-Australia-Japan like NATO’
The United States wants to formalize its close defense relations with countries in the Indo-Pacific region. With the aim of competing with China, India wants to form an alliance with Japan and Australia, just like the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Bezgan said this on Monday.

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