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Sonu Sood, who led hundreds of people to his home in lockdown, has come forward this time to help the sailor families of Kashi. The sailors of Varanasi have been troubled since the sudden lockdown in March. Unlock started but lack of tourists did not lead to earning opportunity. People coming from Varanasi or nearby districts became the support of the sailors. Meanwhile, due to floods in the Ganges, the district administration once again stopped the operation till September 15. Since then, the livelihood of the sailors was severely affected

In view of the problem of sailors in Kashi, social worker Divyanshu Upadhyay informed Sonu Sood on social media about these sailors of Kashi. Divyanshu wrote that families running 350 kayakis in 84 ghats of Varanasi are craving for rash today. You are the last hope of these 350 sailor families. Due to floods in the Ganges, their difficulties have increased! For 15 to 20 days, their children did not have to sleep hungry in Kashi.

Actor Sonu Sood, taking cognizance of Divyanshu’s post, replied within an hour that he now has the responsibility of the family of sailors. He wrote while sharing the post that no member of this 350 families of the Ghats of Varanasi will sleep hungry after today. Today help will arrive.

Sonu Sood has earlier taken many people from Varanasi to safe house from Mumbai. Not only this, many students of Purvanchal stranded abroad have also been taken to their home safe by plane during the corona transition period. Sonu has given life to the sailors in Kashi, promising to help in a single day.

Sonu has not taken care of the people of Kashi for the first time. Even before this, he has helped the needy of Kashi. Ten days ago, he sent three hundred packets of ration to the needy of Kashi. This ration was distributed among the potters as well as Banjara and other needy living on the road. It was also distributed by Divyashu’s team. Divyashu tweeted the pictures of the people who were not happy after getting ration. That tweet has also been retweeted by Sonu Sood on Tuesday.

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