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Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma are going to be parents. Recently, the couple told the fans through social media that a new guest is coming to their house in January 2021 and that they are going to be two to three. After sharing this information with the fans, Virat Kohli has given his reaction about this feeling of becoming a father. Virat told this feeling in RCB’s YouTube show ‘Bold Diaries’.

During this, Virat Kohli also shared talks about lockdown, spending time with Anushka, IPL, corona virus and bio bubble. With all this, when you were asked that new guests are coming to your house in January, how do you feel?

Responding to this question, Virat Kohli said that since he came to know about this, there is no place for his happiness. He said, “It is an incredible feeling. It is difficult to express in words how we are feeling. ”

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) celebrated the arrival of new guests at the house of Virat Kohli and engagement of Yuzvendra Chahal in Dubai. Anushka Sharma is also in the UAE with Virat Kohli. Both of them celebrated this joy by cutting the cake with the team. RCB celebrated the celebrations after a 7-day quarantine and Kovid-19 test in Dubai. The video was also shared by the team’s official Twitter handle.
Earlier, Virat Kohli had informed fans about becoming his father by tweeting on 27 August. He wrote- And now… we are going to be three. Arrival in 2021.
Explain that about returning to the game after five months, Virat Kohli said that it did not take long for him to get the rhythm. He said, “Until two months ago you could not think that we will play in the IPL. When we had our practice session, I realized how much time has passed. It was a little nervous when I was going for a practice session. ”

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