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US President Donald Trump has expressed grief over Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe leaving his post in the wake of health-related problems. Trump told reporters on Friday, “I would like to give my highest honor to the Prime Minister of Japan and my friend Shinzo Abe.” We have close friendship and I am distressed by the circumstances in which he resigned. He loves his country very much and under the circumstances in which he has submitted his resignation, I cannot imagine it now. He is a great man and I give him my most respect. ”

Abe has been troubled by intestinal disease for a long time and in view of this, he submitted his resignation on Friday. This is the second time Mr. Abe, sixty-five year old, has resigned from his post due to health reasons.

Earlier in the year 2007, he resigned due to health reasons. In the 2012 election, Abe returned to power again with an overwhelming majority.

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