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Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is in the news for helping the needy. They have taken migrant laborers trapped in lockdown in the Corona period to their home at their expense. If someone asks Sonu Sood for help, then his work is definitely completed. Meanwhile, there are some people who ask for strange help from the actor on social media, well Sonu Sood also silences them by giving funny answers.

Actually, “A Twitter user tagged Sonu Sood and tweeted,” Brother, get me an Amazon Prime account for two years. ” Help me Sonu Sood responded to this tweet. He wrote, “Should I send a TV together?” An air condition and popcorn too. ”Sonu Sood’s response is being highly appreciated.

Earlier, Sonu Sood had taken up the task of getting a National Karate player surgery. One Twitter user wrote, “Sir Merry Friend Vijender Kaur is SGFI National Karate Player. In January 7 months ago, he had an injury in the knee of his straight leg during practice. Due to poor financial condition, she is unable to undergo surgery. We sought help at many places but to no avail. Please help the daughter of our country. ”In addition, the user has also shared the player’s medical report, name, address and mobile number.

In response, Sonu Sood wrote, “You will play again.” The report has been shared. You will have surgery in a week. Get ready to stand on your feet my friend. ”

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