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Today, many awareness campaigns are being conducted in every corner of the country about cleanliness. Many messages are being given to the people for cleanliness, in this episode, every citizen is participating and using dustbin to make the city clean and clean. To increase this awareness about cleanliness among the people, Swachh Bharat Mission, run by the Honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is very much in hand. To further strengthen this Swachh Bharat Mission, Computer Science IoT first year students of GLA University, Mathura – Adamya Sharma, Abhishek Vaishya and Arpit Srivastava designed a smart dustbin management system under the guidance of Assistant Professor Rishi Agarwal of Computer Science Department. Is

The reason behind making smart dustbin

Mostly, it has been seen that the dustbins of garbage are already filled in every place, whether in the city, town or gram panchayat, but in spite of this people keep putting garbage in their filled dustbin. The dustbin becomes a mountain of dustbins and after overloading, the entire waste falls on the road and spreads. Due to which the dirt spreads on the road, there is also the fear of all diseases.

Smart thinking of smart dustbin

GLA students have developed a smart dustbin management system. Under this, a sensor has been used, so that before filling the dustbin, the officials of the municipal corporation, Nagar Panchayat and Gram Panchayat level will get information in their mobiles that they should come and clean the dustbin.

Smart India will be made with smart dustbin

For the convenience of the people, the data of all the dustbins of the area will be seen on the Smart Dustbin website, which will allow people to know which trash is empty near them, where they can easily put their garbage. With the help of this smart dustbin website, the municipality of that area will also be able to get information about the dustbin of their area as well as they can also monitor the work of their employees. Not only this, this project, created under the guidance of Assistant Professor Rishi Agarwal of GLA University, also supports the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan of the Central Government.

More smart things related to smart dustbin

Smart dustbin management system has been further improved by using data analytics technology on the data received from smart dustbin. It costs 10 to 15 thousand to install this project on 5 to 10 dustbins, that is, it will cost more than 2 thousand to install a wire system with complete sensor in a dustbin.

Dr. Manoj Choubey, Chief Coordinator of GLA Newsain IEDC said that, this project has received a grant of 80 thousand rupees through IEDC, a government organization of India and the project is ready to enter the market. Dr. Choubey also said that students should move on the path of self-reliance and entrepreneurship more than employment because there is nothing better than that. This is the reason that GLA prepares students to work on the projects received by the Government of India to make the students entrepreneurs and students also participate in it and prepare prototypes.

Come, let’s dream of a clean India with these smart dustbins made by the country’s smart university i.e., GLA University, Mathura and do not spread garbage on the streets.

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