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The issue of GST and JEE-NEET exam has given the opposition a chance to unite. The Trinamool Congress, which kept a distance in the meeting of opposition parties led by the Congress, was seen standing by this time. The meeting, which took place just before the monsoon session, raised hopes of opposition unity inside and outside Parliament.

The Congress has been continuously trying to unite the opposition parties against the central government, but the Trinamool Congress was absent in the last few meetings. This change in Mamta’s attitude is being seen by linking Congress strategy with West Bengal. West Bengal has assembly elections next year.

The BJP is very aggressive about West Bengal. In such a situation, if the Congress and the left parties form a united front, it will be difficult for the Trinamool Congress to contest the BJP. A party leader said that even if Mamata Banerjee does not form an alliance with the Congress, she will try to contest the elections alone. If the Congress and the Left are united, it can win the trust of minority voters. Its direct loss will be to the Trinamool Congress. This is the reason why Mamta has understood the situation and softened her stance. She wants to improve her relations with the Congress. So that it can help stop BJP.

The Congress is excited by the kind of approach Shiv Sena has taken with the Trinamool Congress in this meeting. A senior party leader said that this would strengthen opposition solidarity. Jharkhand Chief Minister Hamate Soren also stressed that the voice of the opposition is weakening. We all should make a program together.

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