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The event was held at the White House under the chairmanship of President Donald Trump, where five migrants, including a software developer from India, were sworn in as US citizens. Donald Trump called America a “great nation” at its reception, which includes people of every race, religion and color.

Immigrants from five countries — India, Bolivia, Lebanon, Sudan and Ghana — stood in a row during the ceremony held at the White House. His right hand was up, and the left hand was the American flag. He was sworn in by Chad Wolf, Secretary of Homeland Security of the United States of America. President Donald Trump became a witness.

Sudha Sundari Narayanan, a software developer from India, was also sworn in as a US citizen. Trump said, “America is happy today because we are welcoming five absolutely incredible new members to our great American family. You are now fellow citizens of the greatest country on God’s earth. Congratulations!”

Trump said that in the new swearing, American citizens followed the rules, followed the laws, learned the history of the nation, adopted American values ​​and proved themselves to be men / women of supreme integrity.

The US President continued, “It’s not that easy. You did so much and we appreciate you being here today. You have earned the most prized, cherished and prized possessions anywhere in the world. It’s called American citizenship.” Goes. There is no greater honor, no greater privilege. ” Trump said it was an honor to be his president.

Later, Trump read the names and some details of the five new citizens. Trump said Narayanan was an “unprecedented success”, having been born in India and moved to the United States 13 years ago. Sudha is a talented software developer. You have two wonderful children. Thank you very much and congratulations. “

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