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In the last 24 hours in India, 69,878 new cases of corona have been reported and 945 people have died. India’s Kovid-19 infection figure has reached 2,975,701. The total death toll in the country is 55,794.

Corona-infected patients in India are recovering rapidly. According to the Health Ministry, a record 62,282 patients were cured in 24 hours on Friday. A total of 21 lakh 58 thousand patients have been recovered so far. Looking at the example of other countries of the world, India has reached near the peak of Kovid-19. This means that now the number of patients will start decreasing.

The Health Ministry has said that the recovery rate in the country has now exceeded 74% (74.28% recovery as on 21 August). The recovery rate is over 50% in 33 states and union territories. The ministry also stated that the death rate of corona in the country is lower than the world average and has steadily declined. The corona mortality rate is now 1.89%.

So is India going to reach the peak of Kovid-19? Or has reached the peak? According to the example of other countries of the world in a recent analysis by State Bank of India (SBI), India too is now moving towards betterment.

SBI said in the report released on August 17, “Between July 30 and August 15, 10 lakh cases were filed in India, on an average 58 thousand cases per day. There is still a big question that when will India reach the peak? Based on the peak data and recovery rates of some countries, we believe that India will reach peak when the recovery rate crosses 75%. This is the average of different countries.

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