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Suresh Raina, who was a partner of all career ups and downs with Mahendra Singh Dhoni, also supported him in the decision to say goodbye to international cricket. Following his favorite captain and mentor Dhoni, Raina announced his retirement from international cricket on Saturday (15 August). After former Team India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also written a long letter for Suresh Raina. In this letter, he called Raina young. Along with this, his batting, fielding, captaincy and bowling were also praised. PM Modi has also mentioned Suresh Raina’s wife Priyanka Chaudhary, daughter Gracia and son Rio in this letter. She also praised Raina for her contribution to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and women empowerment.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi while writing a letter for Suresh Raina said, “Dear Suresh Raina, you took the most difficult decision of your life. I will not use the word retire here, because you are young and energetic right now. You are playing the second innings of life after playing a useful innings on the cricket field. Your interest in cricket started in Muradnagar from a very young age. After this, you set your foot in the ground of Lucknow. After this your important journey started, you represented India. ”

He further wrote, “Represented a country you love dearly. You played in all three formats of cricket. The generations to come will remember you not only as a batsman but a useful bowler and also for your captaincy when you get the chance. Your fielding on the field was inspiring. You caught some spectacular and memorable catches in international cricket. It will not be easy to count how many runs you stopped from fielding. ”

The PM wrote, “As a batsman you made yourself different in every format, especially in T20. This is not an easy format, but it was your speed asset. India can never forget your role in the 2011 World Cup. I saw you playing in the quarter-final against Australia at Motera Stadium, Ahmedabad. Your solid innings gave India a foundation for victory. Fans will miss your elegant cover driver. I am lucky to have seen them live. ”

He wrote, “People related to the sports world will like your conduct on the field and off the field. Your combat abilities will inspire the youth. In addition to injuries you suffered many setbacks in your career, but you have to overcome them every time and return to the field. Suresh Raina will be considered synonymous with team spirit. You never played for personal achievements, but for India’s pride. Your excitement on the field was worth watching. The way you celebrated the first wicket of the opposition team was worth watching.
The Prime Minister wrote, “Your service to the society was seen in many community works. You also worked for women empowerment. I am glad that you are associated with the cultural roots of India. I am sure that whatever you do in the coming time will be equally useful. You will now be able to spend your time with Priyanka, Gracia and Rio. Thank you for your contribution to the sports world, for inspiring the youth. ”

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