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The new government of Sri Lanka has decided to withdraw the 19th constitutional amendment in 2015. In this amendment, Parliament was made more powerful by reducing the powers enjoyed by the President. Significantly, the Mahinda Rajapaksa family-led SLPP promised to abolish the 19th amendment before the general elections.

Kehelia Rambukwela, Minister for Information and Broadcasting in the Rajapaksa government, said on Wednesday that the government has decided to revise the 19th Amendment. He was speaking at the first meeting of the Cabinet of the Sri Lanka People’s Party (SLPP) on 20 August before the start of the new parliament. Government spokesman Rambukwela said, “The cabinet has decided to amend 19A by bringing 20A.”

However, he did not elaborate on what provisions of 19A the government would amend or it would abolish it completely. The SLPP aimed to get a two-thirds majority (150 seats) in the elections held on August 5 so that it could amend the constitution and the first amendment was to be in 19A.

The SLPP and allies have got 150 seats and with a two-thirds majority they can amend the constitution. Gotbaaya Rajapaksa was elected President in the election held in November 2019, while his elder brother Mahinda Rajapaksa became the Prime Minister of the country on August 9 after winning the general election.

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