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Amidst the havoc of the Corona virus, political parties in America have come into electoral mode. Michelle Obama has launched a major attack on US President Donald Trump and called him the wrong and incompetent President of America. Former First Lady Michelle Obama opened the American Democratic convention on Monday, in which she said Donald Trump is an incompetent president, demonstrating a lack of sympathy.

Former President Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Barack, appealed to dismiss the Trump administration, saying, “Whenever we look at this White House for some leadership, stability or hope, all we need instead is chaos, schism and lack of sympathy.” Is seen.

According to the news agency, he said, “To be honest, Donald Trump is the wrong president for our country.” Let us know that there is an election on 3 November in America.

It is worth mentioning that the National Conference of the Democratic Party started with the Vedas and Shlokas of Mahabharata and Ardas of Sikhism in the online Sarvadharma prayer meeting. A follower of the Chinmaya Mission chanted in Texas and Ardas, a leader of the Sikh community associated with the Viscomin Gurdwara.

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