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Australian female cricketers Delisa Kimmins and Laura Harris tied for marriage on Sunday (16 August). The pair had been dating each other for a long time. Both of them play for the Brisbane Heat, the champions of the Big Bash League (BBL). The pair shared their engagement news on social media after the final of the BBL. Both Australian players said they were to marry in April, when the season ended.

The corona virus epidemic forced many cricketers to postpone their marriages. In such a situation, the marriage of Delisa Kimmins and Laura Harris was also postponed, but now both are married with customs.

Delissa Kimmins wrote a post on Instagram sharing beautiful photos of her wedding. He wrote- “Thank you all for making this the most beautiful day of our life possible.” Thank family and friends who stood by us.
Let us know that Delissa Kimmins has played 16 ODIs and 41 T20s for Australia. She was also a member of the team that defeated India in the T20 final in Melbourne on 8 March. While Laura Harris is an uncapped player. Harris, 29, is a regular in domestic cricket and is also playing in the Big Bash.

Earlier more women cricketers have also married each other. Lee Tahua and Amy Amy Sartwright of New Zealand married in March 2017. This year a daughter was born to them. Dunn von Nerk of South Africa married Marjianne Cup in July 2018. Both cricketers have played more than 100 ODIs and 75 T20 matches. Australia’s Elkes Blackvale and Linsey Esqu, Jesus Holiak and Jess Jonasson and Sarah Vierne are also some of the other cricketers having same-sex marriages.

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