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Prime Minister Narendra Modi while addressing the country on the occasion of 74th Independence Day from Red Fort on Saturday said that the government will soon come out with a blueprint for a new cyber security policy. Referring to the expansion of internet and cyber technology in the economic social life of the country, he said that the government will soon introduce a coordinated cyber security policy.

He said that more than 6 lakh villages will be connected with fiber-optic network within the next 1000 days. We will soon introduce a new cyber security policy. PM Modi said that participation of rural India and villages in Digital India is necessary. We are rapidly expanding our optical fiber network. It will reach each gram panchayat within 1,000 days.

The Prime Minister also said that the progress of the country has been seen in all areas in the last six years. This includes electricity, LPG, making bank accounts for the poor or building toilets in all houses.

He said in his address to the nation that with increasing use of Internet and information technology, it is very important for the country to have a strong integrated cyber security system. He said the blueprint for ‘cyber security policy’ would come soon.

PM Modi announced to link Lakshadweep with maritime telecommunications only, like Andaman and Nicobar Islands. He said that this will start providing high speed internet services there too.

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