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Australia’s star fast bowler Mitchell Starc has been troubled by injuries during his career. Cricket events were also postponed during the lockdown in various countries of the world due to the Kovid-19 pandemic and all the cricketers got an unwanted break. During this break, Stark worked to increase his muscles, which would make his bowling faster than before.

The left-arm fast bowler trained with fellow New South Wales teammates during the break due to the Corona virus, which helped them prepare for the home Test series against the Virat Kohli-led Indian team at the end of the year. Helped to be physically fit. “At the end of the summer, I lost 87 kg, but at the moment I’m 93 kg and that’s what I want,” said Stark. He said, ‘I started in the summer with a target of 90-91 kg, so I am in a good position right now, feeling very strong.’

‘I’ll probably be able to do it again by spending time in the gym’

Stark said, ‘I spent a lot of time in the gym and now I am bowling and started running as well. I succeeded in doing this at home and enjoyed this time. I also managed to overcome the pain during bowling. Stark has struggled with injuries throughout his career and is now ready to trouble the batsmen at his high speed. He has also suffered a ‘stress fracture’ in the leg several times but the 30-year-old fast bowler believes that extra hours in the gym will help him in trying to increase his speed. He said, ‘I hope that when everything is going well, it will not happen and I will be able to speed up my pace. By spending extra time in the gym, I will probably be able to do it again. ‘

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