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A man was shot outside the White House, the presidential residence in the US, after which President Donald Trump was taken to a safe location from a beach press conference. The shooting incident was confirmed by President Trump himself during the press conference.

US President Trump said, “There is a shootout outside the White House and it seems that the situation there is completely under control.” I thank the Secret Service that they did their work fast. Somebody has been admitted to the hospital. The Secret Service seems to have shot him. ‘

Donald Trump came back to the press conference and gave information when the situation came under control after the bullet incident. According to Fox News, two shots were heard. Subsequently, Secret Service agents appeared behind the tree and taking their positions on the lawn.

At the same time, the Secret Service later tweeted that the ‘young man’ had been taken to the hospital after a shooting incident in a block of the White House at 17 Street and Pennsylvania Avenue with a secret agent.

Trump said that he could not know the identity or motive of the youth in the firing case. However, information has not yet been revealed as to what kind of danger the young man was. At the same time, when Trump was asked if the young man had weapons, he said yes.

The US President said that the incident occurred outside the White House complex, where a large number of forces are now present. After the incident, the trumps returned to the podium looked quite calm.

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