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Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Arun Kumar said that the touchdown could be delayed due to the crash of Air India Express plane on the tabletop runway at Calicut Airport. It killed 18 people, including both pilots. We don’t know much, the actual investigation is on. Investigators have found flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders. They have to be opened up and they will also have to study the transcription and transcription of the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). All we know is that the touchdown occurred late. It was a 9,000 feet runway, which is a much longer runway. It is not a small runway, for example Patna, just 6,000 feet. It is a code D runway and is a code C plane and the grading is like B, C, D where D is greater than C. Therefore under the circumstances, it is sufficient or the code C is more than adequate fit for the aircraft.

This runway was sufficient for larger aircraft, so smaller types of aircraft cannot complain about the length of the runway. So if you touch late on a runway, let’s say it’s a 12,000-foot runway, and you touchdown at 8,000 feet, you might have a problem. We can only say that it was a late touchdown and apparently the aircraft skidded and overtook the runway and the safety zone.

The Kerala Police has constituted a Special Investigation Team (SIT) at the nearby Karipur International Airport to investigate the Air India Express air crash case on August 7. 18 passengers, including pilot and co-pilot, were killed in the accident. An official release said that Malappuram’s Additional Superintendent of Police G. Sabu would preside over the 30-member team.

Police said that based on the statement of a CISF personnel on duty on the day of the accident, a case has been registered under various provisions of sections 337, 338 and 304A of the Aviation Law and Indian Penal Code. Under Section 337 of the IPC, cases involving loss of life or endangering the personal safety or life of a person due to any act of negligence are dealt with.




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