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A major accident occurred at Kozhikode Airport in Kerala. An Air India plane slipped on the runway. The plane was coming from Dubai, carrying 191 passengers. Many people have been injured in this accident.

Let us know when and where the plane crash occurred:

2018: All 66 people were killed in a passenger plane crash on Mount Jagros, Iran. The plane, which went from Tehran, Iran’s capital, to Yasud, crashed an hour after takeoff.

2018: Pegasus Airlines Boeing 737-800 aircraft landed on the seashore from the runway of the Turkish airport. The aircraft carried 168 passengers who were safely rescued.

2018: Bangladesh crashed during plane landing at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal. In which 49 people died while more than 22 people were injured.

2016: A special plane carrying a Brazilian football club team crashed on the mountains of Colombia, killing 75 people.

2014: Military carrier aircraft C-130 crashes on Algeria’s northern eastern hills. 78 people died in it.

2013: Tatarstan Airlines Boeing 737 crashes while landing at Kazan Airport (Russia). All 50 people died in it.

2013: Lao Airlines flight ATR 72-600 plunges into the Mekong River in Latvia. All 49 riders died.

2012: Dana Air Passenger plane crashes in Lagos, Nigeria. 150 aircraft passengers killed.

2012: Bhoja Air Boeing 737 accident occurred at the main airport of Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Six crew members and 121 passengers killed.

2011: Moroccan military aircraft C-130 Hercules collides with the Gulemim hills of Morocco. 78 people died. The accident occurred due to bad weather.

2011: Hewa Bora Airways plane crashes in Republic of Congo due to bad weather. In the plane, 74 passengers were killed out of 118.

2011: Iran Air Boeing 727 broken into the air. 77 people out of 100 died.

2010: Aero Caribbean passenger turboprop aircraft hit the hills of central Cuba. 68 people were killed.

2010: Pakistani plane AirBlue’s domestic flight crashes into the hills while landing in Islamabad. All 152 people died.

2010: Air India’s Express Boeing 737 slipped off the runway at Mangalore Airport and fell into the ditch. 158 people were victims of the accident.

2010: Airbus 330 of African Airways crashes while landing near Tripoli Airport in Libya. 100 people died.

2010: Tupolev 154 aircraft carrying Polis President Lev Kozensky crashed at Russian airport Smolensk. 90 people died.

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