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Screaming around in Kozhikode, blood-soaked clothes, frightened children crying and the sounds of ambulance sirens rocked the area as an Air India Express plane coming from Dubai under the Vande India Mission suddenly collapsed in the valley gave. In fact, the Air India Express plane fell from the Kozhikode airstrip on Friday evening and fell into the valley and broke into two. At least 17 people died in this accident.

Amid the rains, rescue personnel, including local civilian police, were quick to take out the injured men and women from the aircraft. The aircraft broke into two huge pieces with a loud sound and the passengers could not understand what happened in a moment. There was a scream in the area.

Rescuers drove people out. During this period, four to five-year-old children were seen sticking in the lap of rescue workers and the passengers’ belongings were scattered there. The local people also ran for help after hearing the loud voice.

A local man said that he ran towards the airport after hearing the loud sound. He said, ‘Little children were trapped under the seats and it was very sad. Many people were injured. The condition of many of them was critical. He said, “The legs were broken … My hands and shirt were soaked with the blood of the injured.”

Another person involved in the rescue operation told the TV channel in an interview, “The injured pilot was pulled out of the aircraft by breaking the cockpit.” He said that by the time the ambulance reached the spot, people had started transporting passengers by car to various hospitals in Kozhikode and Malappuram districts.

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