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The hidden colors of the beauty of Jammu and Kashmir will be revealed by the Centre’s ambitious Rs 6000 crore scheme. At the same time, infrastructure will be better strategically in areas adjacent to the Line of Control (LoC). The government will lay a network of 600 km of highways and roads from near Gulmarg to Keran, Karnah, Machil, Gurez. It will also include about 12 tunnels and bridges. This area will also be connected to Dras Kargil.

Jammu and Kashmir Chief Secretary BVR Subrahmanyam said that all the LOC connected areas, passes and beautiful mountain ranges and valleys in Kupwara will be connected to each other by roads. He said that this is the dream project of Kashmir. If the project came into effect, if someone comes to Leh, then he can go to Dras via Gulmarg.

Anonymous beauty will flourish
The Chief Secretary said that like Gulmarg and Pahalgam, there are more than a dozen other places in Kashmir, but people do not know about it and do not have any contact. The government’s plan is to connect the entire LoC area with a network of roads.

The whole area will be Gulzar
He said that there are beautiful valleys in Kupwara, but it is difficult to move from one place to another. If the government’s dream project comes into effect, then the entire area will be buzzing in terms of tourism.

Made a strategically important road on LoC
The government is also building a strong network in terms of security in the adjoining areas of the LoC. The 24.7 {24 decimal seven kilometers) road from Jorham to Jumgund has recently been completed by the Border Road Organization. This will help in curbing the antics of Pakistan.

Five soldiers were martyred in this area
In the same area, five army soldiers were martyred in an encounter with terrorists a few months back. This road is considered strategically important. Officials said if there was infrastructure in this area, then probably our soldiers would not have lost their lives. Now, it has become very easy to reach a height of about 9 thousand feet, to supply it due to the construction of the road here.

The soldiers said good steps
The soldiers present in Jumgund near LOC said in a conversation with Hindustan that here we have to be alert all the time. There is a risk of sniper attack, but we will be in a position to benefit from better infrastructure.

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