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Chennai. A large metropolises in Chennai, which prevented the outbreak of Corona virus by April, while other cities were submerged in the Crisis. On Saturday, the total cases crossed the one lakh mark. With 1,074 cases filed on Saturday, the total count of cases has gone up to 1,00,877. Out of the total cases in the city, 86,301 have been discharged. So far, 2,140 deaths have been recorded in the city.

On Saturday, Tamil Nadu has recorded 2,51,738 cases with 5,879 new cases. Chennai (Chennai) saw a drop in cases since the first week of July when more than 2,000 cases were reported there every day. For the past few weeks, 1,100-1,200 cases are being reported daily in the city.

Now the recovery rate in Chennai is 85% The rate of recovery in Chennai has increased from the 60% mark to 85%. The test positivity rate is 9% and the Chennai Corporation says that it will come down to 5% by the end of August. Test positive rate is the percentage of samples that are positive during infection testing. A total of 3,935 deaths have been reported so far in Tamil Nadu, 97 of which have occurred today. Corona virus infection cases in India crossed 17 lakh on Saturday, out of which 11.1 lakh patients i.e. about 65.48 percent of the infected have been reported only in July.

According to data released by the Union Health Ministry till eight in the morning, after the highest number of 57,118 cases of Kovid-19 reported in a single day, the total cases of infection increased to 16,95,988 while the number of healthy people also increased to 10,94,374. .

According to the ministry, after the death of 764 people in one day, the number of people who died from this disease has increased to 36,511. At present, there are 5,65,103 infected patients in the country.

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