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When External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar briefed the media on Tuesday for the first time ever since taking ministerial office..he was very clear on what has guided the Modi govt 2.0’s foreign policy during its first 100 days. He said national interest has been the main driving force which has determined the conduct of India’s relations with other countries & the stand it takes on global issues in a multi polar world…Here’s our full report…

Tuesday saw External Affairs Minister Dr S Jaishankar addressing his first media briefing after taking ministerial office in South Block to put forth the MEA’s work during the first 100 days of the Modi 2.0 govt.

He said one of the key achievements of the govt during this time has been the strong connection between national security and foreign policy..He said India’s voice is now heard much more than earlier at the global stage.

Targeting pakistan, the External Affairs Minister said India has a “”unique challenge” from one neighbour who needs to act normal and take action against cross-border terrorism. He added that Pakistan only talks about tackling terrorism without ever acting on it.

On abrogation of article 370..the Minister said there’s no need to worry about what people might say at the upcoming UNGA..India’s stand has been clear on the issue since 1972..He added that the world community has been explained India’s stand on the subject and all are backing India.

On the subject of Pak, Occupied Kashmir..he said it’s an inalienable part of India and hoped that someday India will have full physical control of this territory..

The Minister also spoke about Indo-US relations which have only strengthened over the years..He also said that some unresolved matters do remain which could be resolved soon..

Speaking about the mega event in Houston where the PM will share the stage with the American president Donald Trump who accepted the invitation from the India community there..Dr. Jaishankar said this also tells us the importance of the India community in US.


— The External Affairs Minister also spoke about India-China relations and said both nations are understanding each-others’ concerns

— On Kulbhushan Jadhav..the external affairs Minister said that India’s purpose was to get him cousellor access and now efforts will be made to bring him home

— On Zakir Naik..It was said the Minister engaged with his Malaysian counterpart on the sidelines of the multilateral meet in Vladivoktok

— Speaking about Prime Minister Modi’s foreign visits..he said the PM has strengthened ties with several nations during the first 100 days

— He added that the govt has been very active over Africa over the first 100 days

— adding the MEA has been on the right path in fulfilling the govt’s commitments towards African nations

It was also said that be it G 20 or Climate conferences..India’s stature and importance have been increasing on the world stage.

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