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A group of people from Poland visited Kolhapur in Maharashtra to commemorate eight decades old memory in the western part of India during Second World War. Around five thousand people from Poland escaped to India after they were refused shelter from other countries after invasion of Poland by Hitler.

Recalling eight decade old memory, Teresa Lancucka starts melting with emotions. She was a part of polish migrant, which were granted asylum in India during World War II. Today she is here to relieve the memory.

Dennis Wypijewski has suffered from age related hearing loss still he explains the brutal era of his past and good moments in India. He is visiting Kolhapur along with his three daughters.

Most of them, who are paying a revisit, were either born at Valivade village in Kolhapur district, or were children when they left the camp.

Prince Yuvraj Sambhajiraje Chhatrapati, who is hailing from the direct lineage of the legendary Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and is heir to Kolhapur royal family, said that that’s beauty of Indian legacy which offered asylums to Polish at the time when India itself was facing server drought and tough situation.


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