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Prime Minister Narendra Modi returned to New Delhi after his successful two-day state visit to Bhutan. External Affairs Minister, S. Jaishankar received the Prime Minister at the Delhi Airport.

Day two of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bhutan visit began with an address to students at the Royal University of Bhutan.

He said Bhutan’s past, present, and future share common and constant threads of deep spirituality and youthful vigour.

He also described India and Bhutan as natural partners who are close not just due to geography but also the great attachment people of both countries share with each other.

Prime Minister said the history, culture and spiritual traditions of India and Bhutan have created unique and deep bonds between our peoples and nations.

The Prime minister of the world’s largest democracy addressing what is perhaps the World’s smallest University…..the Royal Bhutan university….the sentiment beautifully put by this young student

The bond of education that India and Bhutan share is an ancient one and remains a central to the ties the two nations share.

This is evident from the fact that out of the 9 MoUs inked on Saturday, 7 were in the field of education.

The interconnection between Indian National Knowledge Network and DrukRen was also inaugurated. This will enable collaborative research, development and enable knowledge and information sharing.

Addressing the young minds of the Royal Bhutan University, Prime Minister said that the bond of learning between India and Bhutan is as modern as it is ancient.

Another aspect of India Bhutan ties that have seen a filip is space co-operation.

The Thimphu Ground Station of the South Asia Satellite was also jointly inaugurated. Prime Minister Modi said that India and Bhutan are moving beyond the traditional sectors of cooperation and are exploring new frontiers for collaboration, from schools to space, digital payments to disaster management.

Through satellites, benefits of tele-medicine, distance education, resource mapping, weather forecast & even warning of natural disasters and reach even remote areas.

Prime Minister Modi spoke of India’s moon mission, Chandrayaan two and expressed hope that Bhutan’s space scientists will benefit from our experiences and learnings.

Prime Minister hailed Bhutan as a land of happiness, harmony, togetherness, and compassion. He said that Bhutan is known across the world for the concept of Gross National Happiness. Prime Minister said that this very spirit radiated from the adorable children who lined the streets to welcome him on Saturday.

Prime Minister Modi’s message over his two-day visit was clear. As Bhutan soars high in its endeavours, 1.3 billion Indians will partner with the land of the thunder dragon….share with the nation of happiness and learn from it.

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