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New Delhi,  (PTI) Congress president Rahul Gandhi Monday accused AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal of doing an “U-turn” on the alliance talks between the two parties and said the doors of the Congress are open, but time is running out.

However, Kejriwal claimed that the talks are still on and accused Gandhi of helping the BJP by “dividing anti-Modi votes in Uttar Pradesh and in some other states”

The Congress president on Twitter said his party is willing to give four of the seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi to the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to ensure that their alliance defeats the BJP.

The BJP had won all the seven seat in the national capital in 2014.

“An alliance between the Congress and AAP in Delhi would mean the rout of the BJP. The Congress is willing to give up 4 Delhi seats to the AAP to ensure this.

“But, Mr Kejriwal has done yet another U-turn. Our doors are still open, but the clock is running out,” Gandhi tweeted.

He used the hashtag “AbAAPkiBaari” to target the AAP leadership to come out with its side for an alliance with the Congress.

The Congress and AAP have been in talks for an alliance in Delhi for some time.

Hitting out at Gandhi on Twitter, Delhi Chief Minister Kejriwal said, “What U-turn. The talks are still on.”

“Your tweet shows that an alliance is not your desire but only a pretension. I am pained that you are giving mere statements,” he said.

“Today, the foremost issue is to save the country from the threat of Modi-Shah. Unfortunately, you are helping Modi by dividing anti-Modi votes in Uttar Pradesh and in some other states,” Kejriwal tweeted in Hindi.

The Congress has accused the Kejriwal-led party of backing out from its commitment, as it is demanding seats in Goa, Haryana, Punjab and Chandigarh, besides Delhi for a pre-poll understanding with the Congress.

Congress leaders have said they only want a tie-up with AAP in Delhi.

The seat-sharing arrangement of four for AAP and three for Congress has been arrived at on the basis of the vote share of both parties in 2017 civic polls here, they said.

Leaders of the two parties have held several rounds of discussions for a poll tie-up but the talks have reportedly failed.

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