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Jaipur, Oct 15 (PTI) Congress national spokesperson Pawan Khera Monday alleged that BJP leaders run away from responsibilities and cannot “tolerate” people who ask questions.

He also alleged that BJP poll manifestoes were “mere jumla (rhetoric) Patras” as that for the last Gujarat assembly elections was released just a day ahead of polling. It was a one-page document, Khera said.

The saffron party is yet to release its manifesto for Rajasthan where assembly elections are due on December 7.

“They (BJP leaders) forget manifestoes and past promises, and when someone asks questions they declare them traitors.

“They cannot tolerate people who ask questions. It is in their habit of running away from the accountability and issues, Khera said at a press conference here.

He alleged that BJP leaders either do not believe in the democratic system or are “deliberately” ignoring questions.

BJP leaders have a set pattern to avoid questions. They will talk about Pakistan, Hindus and Muslims, or Ayodhya, but they will not answer on issues, Khera said.

He said the Congress, however, will not let the BJP run away and keep asking questions on issues relevant to the people of Rajasthan.

The BJP in the state has made tall promises and the people are wise to understand the reality. The Congress will become the voice of the people and continue to ask questions, Khera added.

The Congress leader said the people of Rajasthan will give an answer to BJP leaders in the upcoming polls in the state.

Khera said his party’s state unit has asked the BJP government in Rajasthan 37 “questions”.

Replying to a query, he said people have responded well to the polarisation attempt by the BJP in the recent by-polls in the state and would give an apt reply in the assembly election.

Khera claimed that the Congress was the only party that works seriously on issues of farmers and the intent of the party for the welfare of farmers was clear.

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