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Countering doubts cast by BJP on the future of JDS-Congress alliance in Karnataka, Siddaramaiah has said the party should worry more about the promises PM Modi has made.

Allaying charges from the  Bharatiya Janata Party that there are differences aplenty in the JDS-Congress combine that is in power in Karnataka, former state CM Siddaramaiah said on Friday that the accusations are misplaced and that the government under HD Kumaraswamy will enjoy a full term.

Siddaramaiah, who previously took many by surprise by saying he would want to be CM again, told media persons on Friday that the current government will have a five-year term and any doubts about this are unfounded. “We are one. Karnataka government is moving in the right direction. BJP should stop worrying about this and worry about promises made by them and PM Modi. Parliamentary elections are coming,” he said.

The Congress leader also said that there could be cabinet expansion in the third week of September.

The coalition government in the state completed 100 days in power on Thursday and BJP took the opportunity to question the work done by Kumaraswamy. The party’s state unit accused him of worrying more about his own survival rather than of the people. Siddaramaiah, however, said that there is no iota of doubt that the state government will abide by the common minimum program already decided upon.

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